The Spiritual Meaning Behind COVID-19

The Spiritual Meaning Behind COVID-19

“Nothing happens by chance” is what the universal law teaches us. Taking that to heart, I have to think that this pandemic is happening for a reason. Information coming out of China is varied and may be subject to further scrutiny but let us say the virus came from a lab that was working on viruses. That seems to be the most accepted version of what happened. I have also read that it was a bat virus that they were researching. I looked up “bat medicine” in my animal spirit guidebook by Dr. Steven D. Farmer and interestingly enough, this is what it said:
1). “If bat shows up in your world it means to let go of those habits and attachments that no longer serve you and welcome the changes that are long overdue.”
2). “The ordeal that you’re facing is a necessary part of your transformation and an initiation into a much more spiritually directed life.”
3). “It’s time to confront and conquer your fears, trusting that doing so will bring about dramatic and beneficial changes.”
I find this message to be very appropriate for what is happening now. I would also like to add that this is a time of unprecedented change, which I believe has been talked about for eons. Every major holy scripture has prophesized a time in which we have a chance to evolve from a third dimensional reality to a fourth or even fifth-dimensional realm, or what they call a “light body” in the time of ascension.
In 1 Corinthians 15: 52 in the King James Bible it says: In a moment, “in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”
In “Meditation on the Holy Qur’an” 82:10-12, Day of Enlightenment, it says:
“When the Day of Enlightenment dawns, the soul expressed as a luminous body, the face of its being suffused with calm joy, awakens into the supernal garden of Divine Presence, overwhelmed to comprehend at last the full significance of its own spiritual commitment.
In “Meditation on the Holy Qur’an” 99:4, Resurrection, it says:
“On that timeless and transcendent Day, human beings will experience resurrection in the bodies composed of light. And we will be shown clearly all the thoughts and actions of their lifetimes.”
This last verse is clearly talking about a time when we wake up to our full potential as light beings—this is our true self. We are spiritual beings living here in a third-dimensional world in physical bodies to learn and grow, and ultimately realize our true nature. What better way to have this happen then to turn inward, away from the world, in solitude! In this time of quarantine, we can reflect on our spiritual growth preparing to ascend to our true essence.
I feel this is a time to be optimistic. I know it is difficult, but we can all agree that time spent in silent reflection can only bring us to a new appreciation and awareness of what it means to be caring and loving toward each other in ways we never could have imagined before. This is our new reality, living with COVID-19. How strange it is that, in some ways, we are more connected to each other by not being together than we were before. Life has a funny way of bringing us to the lessons we need to learn. It is a great moment in history to take stock of what really matters most. Write, pray, meditate, walk in nature, talk to loved ones, and know this is a special time, a gift, really, that is a steppingstone to change we can embrace for a better world to come.

About the Author
As far back as G. C. De Pietro can recall creativity has been her healer, her solace, her friend, and joy. Born prematurely and later diagnosed with a life-threatening childhood disease, De Pietro spent much of her early youth in hospitals. After surviving several near death experiences she knew she would commit her life to helping others. She attended New York’s School of Visual Arts, and afterwards worked professionally as a textile designer in New York City. Looking for answers as to why this sort of thing had to happen to so many young unsuspecting children, she began to investigate karmic patterns. That is when she was introduced to Roger Woolger, Ph.D, a graduate of Oxford University and a Jungian analyst. It was while studying with Dr. Woolger that Ms. DePietro understood how the wheel of karma teaches us the lessons we need to learn in the here and now. After studying for 5 years with Dr. Woolger, Ms. De Pietro became a certified Past Life Regression Specialist. She now combines Art Therapy with Past Life Regression Therapy to make a unique contribution to the transpersonal psycho-therapeutic community. She has a new book called A Soul’s Journey which is the story of traveling through time to find the truth.

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