Pacific Blue by Nicholas Gunn

Pacific Blue by Nicholas Gunn
Album Review by Dyan Garris

The beauty and magnificence of this emotionally stirring album almost renders me speechless. Deep as the ocean, ‘Pacific Blue’ is exceptional in every detail. – Dyan Garris

Nicholas Gunn, born and raised in the U.K., is well-known for creating music centered on our greatest natural wonders. “Pacific Blue” is the 20th album release for this multi-talented, Billboard-charting, musician, composer, and producer.
“Pacific Blue” is a metaphor for our journey; our lives and our emotions are as deep, wide, and vast as the ocean, and the many currents and undercurrents of life ebb and flow throughout.
Not traditionally, “New Age,” this is more in the “Contemporary” zone. “Pacific Blue” is 10 tracks: 6 excellent, soul-stirring, electronic, instrumentals and 4 outstanding vocal performances by Alina Renae. All the music here is alive, with a distinct pulse, breath, and a heartbeat.
The album opens with the expansive, sweeping, aptly named, “Into the Vastness.” This is gorgeous, beginning with a droning pad underneath, and builds nicely into a wide, cinematic feel. This is the perfect opener to lead us into even more deeply into the ocean of magnificence.
Following is “And I,” an emotional, heart-centered ballad with dreamy, thoughtful piano and the first vocal performance from Alina Renae on the album. A favorite, I have to say, this gave me chills and actually brought me to tears. Stunningly beautiful, it is definitely one for the playlist.
“Hey, I just came here to say. I am sorry for all the pain. Those days when I was running from my life. . .
And I . . . Have finally found a way to say. . . I love you.”
The exciting, exuberant, “Sailing” follows, and we are off on an exhilarating voyage. Electronica with ocean sounds, you’d swear you are actually ON that sailboat, feeling the salty sea breeze and glorious sun on your face as you sail along on the journey of life. It’s good to be alive.
“Chasing the Light” is light and graceful. Wonderful beat and skillfully woven guitar make this a soul-soothing experience.
“Fallen” is the second vocal performance here by Alina Renae. We have a mildly percolating, mesmerizing beat and the lyrics are wonderful as well. “It’s like I never lived my life. . . until I looked into your eyes. . .”
Calming ocean sounds lead us nicely into “Adrift.” Melodic, meditative electronica creates a very chill atmosphere. Great guitar here adds to that. This is an expansive song that gives us a truly peaceful feeling. Really love this. It’s another for the playlist.
“Float” is an atmospheric dream with wordless vocals along with ethereal sounds. Here, we are indeed floating. This is very relaxing.
Title track is the third vocal performance by Alina Renae. This song opens with calming ocean sounds. A great World beat accompanies percolating layers of brilliance. There’s something about this song that has an eternal, timeless quality. Yes, it’s brilliant. “I lost my way and almost strayed but found the path to our Pacific Blue.”
I found “Coast” to be very hypnotic. This is graceful, flowing, and ultra-relaxing. Love the guitar here. Yet another for the playlist.
Leading us out of the album is, “Out from the Deep” featuring another vocal from Alina Renae. The song has an ethereal, plaintive quality. It feels like light emerging; an epic birth, back into our own “Pacific Blue.”
“Pacific Blue” is a breathtakingly beautiful album. Love it all, including the edgy cover art, which lets us know we are in for something truly special.
Available as a digital album only, get it here or wherever music is streamed/downloaded: FinzerHigher Level [email protected]

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