The Magical World of Numbers

The Magical World of Numbers

By this time many of us may feel like the crumbling of the Berlin wall! Emotionally, physically and not to mention financially fragmented that all we would like to do is sit, close our eyes and take a long winter’s nap.
January says “let’s begin anew” and it will take some time to get ourselves up to steam to do so. As we say, think or write the Number One of January on our paper work, we send the energy to the Universe that it is a time to begin again, look for new opportunities, have courage, believe in ourselves only do whatever it takes to get the job done!
So important, however, is to consider the feelings of others. Since every Number energy has a positive and negative influence, the Number One can push big time to overcome a feeling of a lack of selfesteem, self-consciousness bringing a real struggle to believe in oneself. This will show itself in you if you come off as an opinionated person who seems to offend everyone else with your tactless insensitive self.
The Number One, in Tarot, is the Magician card representing a turning point in one’s life. Moving in a new direction, turning things around thus changing one’s fortune opens the door to surprises from the Universe that says “make some changes”.
Do not be surprised, if a new direction in your life, moves you forward by altering your present course. Important, then, is to expand your outlook, gain a greater perspective and discover your role and purpose in life.
Numerologically, the Number One is powerful but somewhat of an aggravating energy to parents who are raising children born in January! “I’ll do it myself”, “I don’t need to take advice from anyone”
are words ringing into the ears of parents birthing children born in January especially as Capricorns. These sweet souls prefer to act as adults in life aligning themselves with older children as playmates. Parents may find these youngsters very independent and willful. These children will want to make the rules not follow them.
An entrepreneurial spirit will also show itself. The energy of the Number One is mental and children of this birth Number will frequently become mentally bored, thus creating behavioral problems.
During the first thirty years of life, these youths should be traveling, working, living independently and not marrying as they need to be living as a One and not in permanent partnerships.
Numerology, as an ancient science, gives very precise clues to the characteristics, behaviors and energies that are symbolically represented by the digits one through nine. Therefore, any individuals having a birthday on the first, tenth, nineteenth or twenty-eight of the month which all reduce to a Number One may exhibit very similar characteristics. There characteristics are most influential between the ages of thirty and fifty-five years of age.
The previous month of December has a three vibration connected to it.
Totally different from the focused One of January and many of us find ourselves in pieces. Trying to do too much, achieve this that and the other leaves us somewhat energetically shattered in January, as this energy of “get one’s act together” begins to set in.
Trying to make everyone happy, being a people pleaser, expressing artificial joys, putting on a smiling face has caused us to collapse in January!
What to do? How to get ourselves back?
How to get refocused on our own lives? The answer is simple… sit down, shut up and be in silence. Ancient philosophy teaches “silence is restorative”.
You know yourself when you are trying to think and everyone keeps shouting at you, you just want to tell them to go away so you can think! It is the same with your soul. Close out the world as best you can. In the stillness of silence you will hear the voice of God, your Higher Self and your fragmented pieces will be restored to a whole.
January brings a new start. The pressures  of the holidays are behind you. Now, it is all about YOU. Rest, get focused, tell Spirit your intentions for your new year and when your body, that houses your soul, has sufficiently recovered in emotional, physical and spiritual strength, you will be a force to be dealt with!

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