“Becoming” by Bernward Koch

Bernward Koch is a well-known, award-winning, Billboard charting German pianist and multi-instrumentalist. He debuted in the New Age music space in 1989 with his album, “Flowing.” A track from his second album, “Childhood Hour,” was placed in the award-winning movie, “Shaniko.”
His new album, “Becoming,” is 13 melodious, soul-soothing tracks and 66 minutes of ultra-flowing peace.
The album opens with the beautiful “A Magical Dream.” This has a soft lullaby quality to it that calms the spirit right from the start. Soft piano, electronica, strings, nicely paced, all add up to a lovely, tranquil mix. This is very, very serene.
Following is the equally calming “Lavender Fields.” Superbly played piano gives a day-dreamy feel that lets us float right into the place where we haven’t a care in the world. Flute expertly winds in, along with excellent percussion, and soft electronica underneath, adding brilliantly to that ambience. This is a definite favorite on the album.
“Moments of Love” takes us right into our heart space without further ado. This is wonderful, soft, dreamy piano, light strings, including harp, again brilliant percussion, all giving a widely expansive feel where we can feel our hearts “becoming. . .” and gently opening to love. Yes, I love this. You will too.
Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and thought how full of life and love they were? “Sparkling Eyes” perfectly captures that feeling. We can feel life and love coursing through this truly sparkling soundscape and renewal coursing through our veins. So alive and beautiful.
We are all on a “journey” here. But no matter how alone we feel, we are never really alone, eh? “Alone on the Way” leads us into a deeply reflective place. This is an emotional, quite beautiful, and passionate piece.
The title track, “Becoming,” has a stunningly beautiful melody along with depth and an expansive feel that seems to fill up our entire being with life force energy. The dreamy piano is completely wonderful, and the song is ultra-relaxing. Here is another one to truly LOVE, as here, we can literally FEEL ourselves opening like a blossoming flower and becoming love.
A dramatic and cinematic feel is found in “Mysterious Afterglow.” However, there is nothing “dark” here. It’s all light. It glows. Again, a memorable piano melody is wrapped tenderly like a soft blanket around warm strings, perfect percussion, and even a little bit of wind instrument, making a rich, mellow, and enjoyable blend of mystery and intrigue, cradled in warmth and radiance. Beautifully done.
Spring is a season of hope and optimism. “The Bright Spring” effortlessly embodies those feelings. And, as we know, spring eventually “becomes” summer. This is exquisite. Following, as happens in nature, is “The Harvest.” Spring floats into summer and summer becomes the ripeness of fall where we have the harvest and the fruitful rewards. This is soft and gentle yet also has a cinematic and contemplative feel. Be sure to watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0aFC64dh1s
A swan is one of the most graceful and gorgeous birds in existence, in my opinion. “A Swan Dream” is just that. Yes, just that: Astoundingly graceful. And if I recall correctly, in lore, an ugly duckling becomes a swan. Now, don’t get me wrong, there aren’t any ugly ducklings in any of this music. It’s all stunningly beautiful. And here we are — immersed in this gentle luminescence that is this song (and is this album)— becoming a beautiful and magnificent swan. You can literally FEEL this. I have to say this is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard. You will want the whole album, but if you get nothing else, be sure to get this song.
We can all be mesmerized in some enchanting way by leaves floating in the breeze. “Floating Leaves” paints exactly this picture, except we aren’t looking at the leaves. We are becoming the leaves. We are floating happily, but not aimlessly, and doing so without one single care in the world. We are those glorious, richly colored leaves. Exquisite piano, percussion, melody, and all else. This is vibrant and outstanding.
“September Impressions” begins with a somber, but not morose feel to it. There is lovely upper and lower piano register balance. Flute and strings add another sweet layer. This is contemplative, reflective, expressive, and cinematic. Perhaps we are contemplating all we have become and wonder what we shall become. There is also a wistful, romantic feel to the piece. Absolutely perfect cadence here as well. Quite enjoyable.
The album closes out (you won’t want it to ever end), with “Long, Long, Time Ago.” Brimming with love, this is yet another truly exquisite piece, and the perfect end to the album, where we know that whatever we’ve become is just simply beautiful.
“Becoming” by Bernward Koch is New Age Contemporary at its finest. Get it here: https://myndstream.fanlink.to/Becoming-BernwardKoch
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