The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot

The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot

Are you looking for a new way to interact with the classic characters and images of the Tarot? Do you want more information and detail, not only from the major arcana but also from the pip (numbered) cards?
The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot(Watkins Books, $24.95, 2021) offers an innovative deck that combines striking symbolic artwork with detailed guidance. These cards are designed for seekers and the strange and wondrous artwork helps the reader to connect deeply to their soul’s message providing fresh insight on the path to powerful self-discovery.
The card images, beautifully crafted by Daniela Manutius Forster, evoke the language of our dreams and contain profound wisdom and symbolic codes leading the user to deep alchemical transformation.
The deck explores themes such as healing, self-love, emotional self-soothing, energy and motivation.
Whatever your question, they will bring the light you need, encouraging intuition, self-awareness and self-healing, and help you to release your emotional blocks. Enjoy this journey to enlightenment!

About the Author
Selena Joy Lovett is a a psychic medium, Reiki Master, mindfulness practitioner and life coach, trained in Chinese Medicine, CBT and NLP counselling. She works with the Tarot to guide seekers forward on a journey of enlightenment, helping them release any negative energy preventing them from achieving their goals.
Daniela Manutius-Forster is an artist, a storyteller and a pilgrim of sacred spaces who has travelled the world pursuing her love of philosophy, metaphysics, future thinking, imagination and spirit. All that she has learnt finds creative expression in the unique style of storytelling that flows through her work.

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