Become a Warrior, Not a Worrier

Become a Warrior, Not a Worrier

Excerpt from Simplify (Watkins, 2020) Bob Hilary advocates become a warrior and not a worrier and why this approach is important…

It takes a certain amount of bravery to step out with determination on the path to a simpler life, in tune with yourself and with the Earth. As discussed way back in the introduction to this book, I encourage you all to become warriors for the Earth. By doing so, I guarantee you will learn to let go of all the things that
are cluttering your life and limiting you in so many ways
– you will truly learn to simplify and to stay sane in a crazy world.
A warrior goes slow in this world. Not too slow. But slow enough so that they are fully present with every step they take.They can also move fast when needed, but only when it is required. A warrior does not rush.They are methodical and powerful in their measured pace, and they honour themselves at all times.
This must not be mistaken for laziness–oh no, laziness is a completely different matter. A warrior is not lazy, although they also know when to let loose a little and take it easy. It’s highly important for a warrior to allow plenty of ‘down time’, to keep the batterie stopped up so they are full for warrior duties.
The world does not need any more headless chickens running around – there are enough of these already. You know the ones? Those people running around caught up in a permanent state of drama and panic. Strive not to be one of these people. Being in a state of stress and rush does not serve anyone.
A warrior is someone who is doing their inner work, someone who is facing their shit.A warrior is someone who has ‘got out of their own way’, and who humbly goes about their work, carrying light and unafraid to shine brightly for all to see with no shame or fear of judgement.
• A warrior lives not from the ego, but from the HEART.
• A warrior lets their heart lead the way in life, using their mind as a tool.
• A warrior has calmed their mind eough to be able to listen to their heart.
• A warrior is healing their own conditioning, wounds and blocks.
• A warrior listens to their in tuition and lives to be ‘in service’.
• A warrior is in touch with both their masculine and femininesides.They are strong and soft, soft and strong.
• A warrior lives to bring change to old structures that aren’t serving the world anymore.They will not stop until they change for the better.
So, aim to become a warrior, make some changes in your life. Be someone who gives, someone who shares, someone who cares. Be an example.Be the change–step in to it and see how good it feels…

About the Author
Bob Hillary is a young musician and writer, and this is his first book. He is signed to a well-known record label and has released 4 albums to an International fan base. He is a regular blogger with a loyal following and also writes articles for Kindred Spirit. He has played at Glastonbury festival and tours the alternative, spiritual music festival scene in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. Bob spent a year living off grid and it is this experience that formed the basis for his book.

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