Twin Flame Series: Part 2: “Running and Chasing in the Twin Flame Connection”

Twin Flame Series: Part 2: “Running and Chasing in the Twin Flame Connection”

One of the hallmarks of a twin flame connection is the “running and chasing” phenomenon. At times, one or both twins will run, and at times one or both twins will chase. This usually occurs at different times, but it can happen at the same time as well. This “running and chasing” occurs during the “triggering” phase of the connection. The triggering phase can last a long time and will continue until the triggering results in healing.
What is triggering? We will delve into that in a minute. First, it’s important to understand to not overly romanticize the twin flame connection. This connection is not necessarily about romance in the traditional sense. You don’t necessarily end up with your twin flame as a life partner. That isn’t the point or necessarily the goal. A lot of times your twin already has a life partner or a karmic partner. This connection is more about healing. And it’s not just about healing on individual levels, but at a core level, on a soul level, and then also on a soulgroup level.
Yes, you love your twin. Of course you do. But this kind of connection is about unconditional love, universal love, remembrance and the re-embracing of wholeness and oneness – unity/union – rather than the earthly, fairytale kind of scenario we often think about when we think “twin flame.” Keep your focus on this concept – the bigger picture – rather than on a romantic notion, and you will be better equipped to navigate through the twin flame connection and journey.
Succinctly: It’s not about you.
To more fully clarify the twin flame connection, see Part 1 of this twin flame series, “Twin Flames: What is a Twin Flame Connection?” But part of the “bigger picture” reason genuine twin flame connections are showing up more these days is to restore the balance between male and female energies. Over time, these energies have become skewed and distorted.
Feminine energy (or those identifying as female energy, not necessarily referring to gender), is designed to receive. Male energy (or those identifying as male energy, not necessarily referring to gender), is designed to hunt and go after what it wants. . . and to give to and/or provide for the female energy, who in turn opens to receive, receives, and gives back. This creates what I call a “unity circle.” It’s a smooth, circular, infinite, balanced flow between male and female energies. It’s one circle. It’s union.
What has happened is that over the last several decades, female energy has been forced more and more into a male role, thus seemingly forgetting that it is designed to receive, and instead believing that it must go after what it wants, be aggressive and hunt down what it wants, instead of leaning back as “Divine Feminine” and being open to receive. However, female energy is not designed to be the hunter. The male energy is the hunter. Whether we like it or not, agree with it or not, this is the way energy was and is designed to work on this planet. When we learn to work with an innate energy design rather than try to manipulate it, bend it to our will, or transform it into our own version of the way things ought to work, we find that everything becomes easier and everything just simply flows the way it is intended to. Relationships become easier. Life becomes easier. Energies come into alignment.
If we don’t work with energy in the way it is designed to flow here, we have distortion. When we have distortion, we have illusion, and then we have imbalance and blockage. When we have imbalance in the intrinsic nature of things, we end up essentially with chaos. . .a kind of mutating chaos. That’s where we are. And that’s exactly why we have so many genuine twin flame connections showing up now: To restore harmony and balance between the divine male and divine female energies; to bring balance and harmony to the planet. (As an aside, this is what music does, by the way. Music works on the magnetic grid level to also bring balance and harmony through frequency).
When you find yourself in a genuine twin flame connection, it can take a great deal of discipline and wherewithal to not run and/or to not chase during the initial phases. This is because the twin flames trigger each other and there is a deep longing for oneness. This triggering is unavoidable. Triggering is part of the healing process. And it’s what you do with this triggering that matters.
Your twin will – most times without even realizing it and therefore, inadvertently – trigger that which is still unhealed deep within you. And you will as well trigger that which is unhealed in them. This is so that whatever it is that is still “wounded” within you both can rise to the surface to be examined and then healed. But this is when running occurs. Either the male energy or the female energy can be runners, but more often it’s the male energy that physically runs away from the connection. However, the female energy can also “distance,” emotionally or otherwise. In most cases, this running will then trigger abandonment issues, not just inside the one who is being ostensibly “abandoned,” but also in the one who does the abandoning, as they are usually following a pattern from their own childhood and acting or reacting from their own abandonment issues. This is one form of what we call “mirroring“ in the twin flame connection.
In general, particularly if we have had a great deal of painful experiences in life, we tend to run from that which we don’t want to deal with. At the base, it’s a control issue. But when you’re running, be aware that you are running away from yourself, not your twin. You are running away from some kind of hurt or pain that you do not want to face. But ultimately, you aren’t accomplishing anything by running. You really can’t ultimately get away from yourself, your divine counterpart, or your unresolved issues that are now up for examination. You can try. But it won’t work.
As for chasing behavior, know that as a female energy, when you chase, you’re switching into your male energy. You can’t accomplish anything forward moving or get what you want by meeting male energy with male energy. That becomes a “battle,” actually. And in that instance, you’re only going to get resistance.
The goal in this situation for the divine feminine, is to stay firmly anchored in your female energy, get into balance and harmony and address your own healing and your own alignment. Work on yourself, mind, body, and spirit. And the goal for the divine masculine, is to not go into your female energy. Gather your courage. Face your fears, whatever they are. Deal with the connection. Deal with yourself. Address your wounds. Yes, they hurt. But when your twin flame shows up, it is time to heal.
Know this: Your twin cannot “fix” you. And you cannot “fix” them. You can only work on coming into alignment within yourself. Become your highest and best self. And in another form of “mirroring,” your twin will feel this alignment, be magnetized and drawn energetically to this alignment, which will start bringing them into alignment as well. And that bodes well for the connection.
Succinctly: This IS about you.

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Dyan Garris is an award-winning New Age recording artist, award-winning author, visionary mystic, voice recognition psychic, and trance channel medium who reads from the Akashic Records. A pioneer in the arena of energy field integration, her music and guided meditation CDs were independently tested and earned “The National Health and Wellness Stamp of Approval.” Garris is also the author and artist of several angel oracle decks and several books, including the best-selling, award winning books Money and Manifesting and Money and Manifesting II. Garris is also an official music reviewer for Zone Music Reporter, New Age CD, and Spirit Seeker Magazine. Official websites: Music: https://www.DyanGarrisMusic.com

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