Music Reviews from Dyan Garris

Music Reviews from Dyan Garris

“Full of life force energy, and completely rejuvenating, reminding you that you’re alive, the music of Nicholas Gunn is like a flowing, sparkling river that reverberates through your soul. ‘Sound Condition’ is gorgeous.”– Dyan Garris

I am a big fan of Nicholas Gunn’s music. I think he’s a natural “musical genius” and a master lyricist. A native of the U.K., who attended the Royal Academy of Music, Nicholas has composed and produced over 21 albums, as well as many other productions over his music career, which encompasses several decades.
A brilliant fusion of chill, pop, electronica, and contemporary New Age, his newest album, “Sound Condition” does not disappoint. Here, Nicholas performs on flute and piano, as well as all other instrumentation. Vocalist Alina Renae graces the album with 4 vocal tracks.
Alina Renae has been a guest artist on some of Nicholas’ previous albums. Here, her vocal performances are stunningly beautiful, as always. There is something so soothing about her voice that strikes a chord deep within the soul. The production on the album, also done by Nicholas, is superior.
According to Nicholas, our “sound condition” is the power music has upon us to heal, transform, and bring us together at a truly cellular level. “Sound Condition,” the album, is 10 tracks, opening appropriately with “The Unfolding.” This is a gorgeous, multi-layered, instrumental flute and piano piece. “Shine” follows, which is deep, scintillating, melodic electronica. The movement, flow, and build are exquisite. Very enjoyable.
The upbeat “Angels” immediately uplifts with the spirit. Alina Renae’s vocal is wonderful. “Angels have wiped my tears tonight…” Gorgeous.
The title track is gently pulsating, percolating, melodic, and hypnotic electronica with a driving “heartbeat,” plus wordless vocals intertwined in all the right places. Good “driving” music, pun intended.
Nicholas’ flute performance on “My Body Is A Temple” is extraordinarily beautiful. The piece has a kind of exciting, primal quality to it. Very nicely done.
“Broken,” featuring Alina Renae on vocal performance, is more toward the “pop” style. This is, on the surface, a beautiful love song about a broken heart. But it can easily extend to the universal “heart” that’s somehow veered off course, rather than that of just an individual. Definitely one for the playlist and to play again and again. Great lyrics and outstanding vocal.
I think there is a universal language we all share at our core. Some things just translate without needing translation. “Language,” I believe may be intended to speak to that. Sparkling, shimmering electronica, again with wordless vocals interspersed. This is great – brimming full of life force energy – and reminds us, in case we forgot, that we are alive.
“Just Us” brings back the magnificent Alina Renae for a soulful ballad. This is contemplative, deep, and reflective. Just beautiful.
The way Nicholas plays the flute on “Flow,” and his other flute performances on this album, is exquisite. Sensitivity, grace, and evocative emotion flow like a river here. But it’s not just about the flute here. The other instrumentation is also wonderful and a masterful blend. The song is like the ebb and flow of life. The best way I can describe it, besides, “chill,” is that it’s alive and breathing. At almost 5 minutes, it’s good for brief, but deep and relaxing meditation.
The album closes out with “The Promise.” We don’t ever want to say goodbye to Alina Renae, or the gift of music and lyrics Nicholas has. Ever. He makes it seem easy. His musical work reverberates through your very soul. Truly unforgettable.
“We are brothers, we are sisters ‘til the end…”
The album is set for release on February 12, 2021. Listen and pre-order here:
Official artist website:

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